19 December 2005

Where has December Gone?

My goodness, this month is just FLYING by. This past weekend was our third household revisit by the stomach flu, and now all the little ones have a runny nose and a case of the crankies. I'm sure my turn will come shortly, probably on Christmas Eve, when I'm hosting a big family dinner.

Most of the Christmas prep is done-a few gifts left to wrap. I'm waiting on the iPod Shuffles I ordered the first week of December to come. The seller won't ship until my money order clears his bank, but over 10 business days for it to clear? It's getting ridiculous. I'm going to be furious if they don't arrive in time.

I've got one scarf left to knit up for a teacher present and then I'm done. Funky boa yarn was on sale this weekend at Joann's, so I'm combining that with fun fur for a furry scarf-hope the teachers like them. I'll try to post pictures later.

I started working on my first hat last night. I'm using a super chunky thick and thin yarn. Not too sure how it will turn out, but I've been in desperate need of a winter hat for myself.

I hope registration opens soon for Donna Downey's online class. I'm not a patient person and I just want to sign up already.

I hear the twins a stirring in their cribs-off to shower and start a fun-filled day of wiping noses. Fun, fun.


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