23 December 2005

Getting my Knitty On!

I completed three more knitting projects today.

First, this is for the twins speech therapist. It's a scarf made with a pink/purple boa yarn and a strand of purple eyelash. Very soft and fuzzy.

This is my very funky hat. I used 2 strands of ribbon tape yarn as the base and interwoven with leftovers from my other completed projects-some of the boa yarn and some Bernat Bling Bling. I also added a row of beads and beaded a few of the tassel strands. Here's another view-reluctantly, Ethan modeled the hat for me.

Shhh...Don't tell him I posted it ;)

Lastly, I found a terrific pattern for a loopy knit scarf on the Provo Craft sight. This was really quick and easy. I used a solid black super chunky yarn along with a charcoal/white angle hair strand. Sorry for the poor photo-dang flash.

Very productive knitting day, I must say. Joann's is having a good yarn sale this weekend-I may stop in and grab up some more super chunky yarn for a few more loopy scarves. Now I'm off for a hot bath with a cup of tea before bed.


Blogger Gwyn said...

THREE projects in one day? WOW!

4:57 PM  

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