13 May 2006

This & That

It's funny how when my scrapping mojo kicks into gear-my blogging and writing just seem to fall by the wayside.

Friday nights are my typical errand running night-Walmart for diapers, a quick trip to the grocery for essentials before a HUGE weekly trip either on Saturday or Sunday, and then I hit the mag rack at my tiny little Joanne's to look for inspiration. The girls that work there all know me-it's to the point that they'll save me an issue behind the counter if something new comes in. I like that-it's comforatable. They ask me what I'm working on, tell me about new stock, etc.

The mag rack is next to the check out counter and I'm leafing through the new Scrapbooks etc. baby issue when two women come up next to me. One-very obviously pregnant, spies the same issue and browses through it, while her "friend" starts blabbing very loudly. Saying how people waste their time making elaborate albums, they are only pictures-why not just use a photo album? That kind of stuff. She keeps going on and on Until she says "Must be nice to be a rich soccer mom with nanny and a maid, so you can sit on your ass all day and pay people to take portrait photos of your kids just to get published in a magazine."

I turn to the pregnant lady, who is embarrassed by her companion by this time, and say "If ONLY." and walk away. I was really tired last night, after along week of dealing with three little kids with upset tummies and nasty diaper changes. But I bit my tongue and walked away, rather than just unleash what I was really thinking. Just went over to the fabric remnants to cool off my heated self.

Is that really how people who don't scrap perceive us? Me, in my 10 year old baseball cap and pj bottoms, lucky to be able to grab a few spare moments to myself daily to take a shower without having my house torn stem to stern by three curious toddlers with a miraculous talent for scaling baby gates. Is my life that glamourous and someone forgot to tell me? That woman was lucky I didn't lose it on her.

It made me kind of sad. I do what I do because I love it, not to get published. I'm very fortunate to have been given the opportunities I have in this art. But even if I never get pubbed again or my gigs dry up-I'd still be making pages, creating, and scrapping my memories. Because it makes me happy.


Blogger tania said...

rock on girlie! this post ROCKS! i can totally relate.

1:30 AM  
Blogger Caroline said...

that makes me sad
i hate how some non-scrapper poerceive us
i know there are a lot out there that think it's cool
but wow
those comments really get to me.

1:34 AM  
Blogger Laura Fiore said...

Judi--I read this after you went to bed tonight. I know people like that, that think it's a waste of time & money...have been told to my face (by people who say they love me) that apparently I have way too much time on my hands!!

They just don't get that this is what I do instead of drinking myself to sleep, or working myself to death at a dead end job (no, I'm not pointing any fingers here...my family has huge issues!) this is how I relax and create...and enjoy life.

Wow-this was preachy and now you know even more than you wanted to know about me!

1:43 AM  
Blogger Shantay said...

I hate it when people feel that they must judge other people. True I am sure that there are some people that fit her narrow minded sterotype....but there are WAY more of us that don't.

People get on my nerves!!! Good for you to be able to control yourself....I can never do that. It would have been on like Donky Kong!

BTW....congrats on your CK fame!!!

11:13 PM  
Blogger danahollis said...

Oh my gosh... what is wrong with people? Is their life so miserable that they have to constantly find mean and negative things to say about others?

Ya know... I really don't think men do that, do they? Women... not all of them a nurturing and caring!

Just thought I'd send you a huge pat on the back... you are so sweet and so very talented. Don't let that nasty woman get to ya. You a shing light to so many... just remember that! :)

Dana (danahollis @ 2Peas)

8:07 AM  

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