24 June 2006

The Thought Process of a Two Year Old

Charlotte is a funny one.

Last night, I took Charlotte along for my weekly mad dash errand marathon (Yes, Andie-I got INK!). Now most people's idea of nirvana does NOT involve Walmart in anyway, but after a week of kiddos, dirty diapers and endless sippy cup refills, I sort of look forward to my Friday nights alone. But last night, Charlotte flashed those sad green eyes at me, complete with the adorable crocodile tears in the corner, so I picked her up, along with two packed Priority mail boxes, a wad of cash and let the evening commence.

*Just how many times can you maneuver a wiggly toddler into a car seat in the back of a 2 door Ford Tempo without bursting a spinal disc?*

First stop-the Post Office. The poor Postal clerk manning the counter had BAD allergies last night. I mean, red swollen eyes, hoarse voice-I felt for her. When it was our turn, I placed my boxes on the counter and then Charlotte began sing-songing her "Up" song. When she begins, she bops back and forth, stomping her sandals and repeats "Up, up, up" until I comply. The girl has rhythm, believe me. I sit her on the counter, when she let's out a huge "HIIIIIIIIIIIII!" to the clerk and then furrows her brow in confusion. The poor clerk sneezed about 27 times during our 2 minute transaction. What made it even worse, is that Charlotte thinks sneezing is a game, so whenever anybody sneezes, she giggles and covers her nose, pretend sneezing. Poor clerk lady was being mocked by a two year old. Achoo-I told Charlotte to hush, it's not funny, but she pointed to the girl, looked at me and said, "SICK! GO TO BED!". On the verge on embarrassment(me-that is), Charlotte then redeemed herself by reaching into the pocket of her dress, pulling out a kleenex, handing it to the clerk and saying, "All better now." Packages safely off, we went to fight with the carseat (#2).

Next stop, Walmart. We know a girl that works there, a family friend. So Charlotte spent the entire hour I was there shopping, sitting in the cart, looking for "Suzie? Suzie? Suzie?" Over and over. Good thing I've dealt with kids before her-I've developed the superhero task of tuning her out. If not, I would have taken a cheese grater to my ears. Shopping done, bags in the trunk, back in the car seat (#3)

Because I don't get a ton of one on one time with the twins, I decided we would treat ourselves to a Happy Meal at McDonald's. The family in front of us had 5 year old boy/girl twins. So, I said to Charlotte, "Look honey, they are twins too." To which she promply replies, "NO! NO!" She points and says, "Twins are GIRLS, NO TWINS!". I guess I need to work on that. So, we eat our Happy Meals, grab our Cars toys and it's back to the car seat (#4)

Last stop, at the Wine store, where Charlotte looks around and starts pointing to all the bottles and repeats "Beer" over and over. (Um, she gets that from Daddy). We cash out and back to the car (#5) to head home.

So, we had shopping bonding time and she was a perfect companion. She came home, grabbed her sippy and crashed for the night. That girl just cracks me up.

Today, I'm headed out of the country-going to the Ontario crop to get nothing done but some heavy chatting. I can't crop away from home. Off to go get my things in order. Later.


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