27 June 2006

We Now Pause for Station Identification.

I took the day off yesterday from the internet. See, that's not normal for me. I'm quite the web-surfing junkie, but yesterday, I treated myself to an 11+ hour marathon viewing of the complete final season of Six Feet Under on HBO inDemand. I've always loved SFU, but quit watching it back at the end of season 2, mainly because Charlie hated the show. I had caught seasons 3 & 4 over the past six months when they replayed it on inDemand, but yesterday, I noticed the FINALLY had the final season available, so me and my addictive personality got comfy on the couch and watched the whole thing. I sure do miss that show.

So today, I'm back to my regularly scheduled internet programing. If I owe you an email, I'll be getting back to you soon.


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