26 July 2006

MapQuest Stinks and other tales from CHA

Sorry for the posting delay-I am still recovering from our whirlwind trip to Chicago and am now finally getting back into the swing of things.

First off: 22 days left until I leave my hubby for Toby Keith (ok-not really, plus kids on the tour bus? Not gonna work so well)

What can I say about CHA that hasn't been said on other blogs? It's big, it's overwhelming and everywhere you look, there's new people to meet. Oh, and cool new scrapping stuff too-lol.

Quick recap:
Sarah and I left her house at 4AM-ish. Quick stop by Tim Horton's for coffee/morning fuel and went to pick up Melanie. Drove and drove and DROVE. MapQuest said 7 hours. Well, my @ss! More like 10, but I guess they don't account for the crazy Chicago traffic. Took about 18,462 pictures of the Sears Tower because we were stuck in a jam and it was there. Expect a Sears Tower mini album in the future.

Got to the hotel at 12:30-ish, checked in and caught the shuttle to the convention center. Since we went to the show to promote Canada's Crop for Kids, we divided up and began visiting the booths. My first stop-well, Maya Road of course! Duh! Caroline and Jessica were so welcoming and sweet and the new MR products are to DIE FOR!!!!! Seriously, I could have just stayed there all day, but then I think Caroline would have been filing a restraining order, so I set off to look some more.

Since I can't possibly remember everyone, I'll just blurt them out-Jen, Wendy and Michelle at the Gel-a-Tins booth-my girls. Rocking stamps!! Very cool.

Vicki Boutin (my favorite girl!) and Layle Koncar at Scenic Route-loved them!

My pal Renae Clark at the Flair booth! So nice to see her again. The two other girls I met (believe one was gabbyfek?) were also total sweethearts.

I ended up hooking up with Sharon-the owner of Buffalo Stamps & Stuff (whom I just so happen to design for) and Wheeeeeee! She let me help out ordering goodies for the store. The lovely Amy Howe took our order at the Basic Grey booth-can't wait to get my hands on the new collections. I also dragged her back to the Maya Road booth so she could hook me up. :)

Celeb spotting? Well, I think it's safe to say Erin Lincoln is my pal, and her husband Matt-very nice guy. I wonder if he could talk to my hubby about become more scrapping tolerant....hmmmmmmm. Loved chatting with both of them.

Finally got to meet Danelle Johnson and Melodee Langworthy at the Creative Imaginations booth. They were just the cutest, even if they were swamped at the rockin make n take table. So nice to finally meet them both.

Well, my little guy is feeling under the weather, so I'll have to leave this as a To Be Continued......


Blogger Amy (BugsMom409) said...

jealous, jealous, jealous...yes, I am!!!

8:27 PM  
Blogger Kimmie said...

add me to the jealous pile!!! so glad you had a good time though Judi my fingers are crossed that someone picks you up!!!

9:32 PM  
Blogger Shantay said...

I am third on that pile!! I was wondering if you were lost with everyone else's luggage!!!

Super cool that you met so many awesome people!! Just wait till you get to meet me one day!!!! ;)

7:19 PM  

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