05 July 2006

The MIA List

(1) I've spent the last 4 days uploading over 2000 photos to my Picasa web albums for safekeeping andd burning CD backups. This locks up my dinosaur computer and gave me time to do stuff other than being online.
(2) I spent 6 hours on Sunday in the ER with Charlotte, who had a 105 degree temperature. She's just fine now.
(3) I think I'm fireworked out-been going at it since July 1st (Canada Day). The kids LOVE fireworks.
(4) I took NO photos at all this weekend/holiday and just enjoyed being in the moment.
The little ones love thunderstorms almost as much as fireworks.
(5) I ate entirely too much ice cream this weekend.
(6) Lots of people are looking for Making Memories Ledger Paper.
(7) Strangely, we spent a lot of time with Charlie's ex's former inlaws this past week and had fun in the process. After 6 years of healing on his part, I now have a welcome place in the "family".
(8) 4 more days until Brad Paisley-yum!
(9) 3 more days until I meet a long time online friend :)
(10) Getting a new roof puts a cramp into naptime.


Blogger andie said...

i've missed you!!!! the ER is scary glad she is okay now

5:03 PM  

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