18 August 2006

Gonna Get Drunk and Be Somebody

Tonight's the big night. I'm so stinkin excited. Remind me of that when I'm groaning about my hangover tomorrow, will you?

08 August 2006

Clean Freak

I spent 7 hours reorganizing my scrap space. I'm so happy to finally have a clear table top to work on. You can see more photos of my happy place here.

Oh, and yes-I have a ton of chipboard. I had no idea how much until I found it all again.

07 August 2006

My Head Hurts

The roofers are hear and gosh ARE THEY LOUD!!!!!!!

Only 11 days left until the Toby Keith concert-yee HAW!

Oh, and I bought Charlie tix to see Ron White for his birthday. Fun stuff!