26 December 2005

For Sale

I was cleaning through my stamp sets last night an listed a few lots on ebay. A nice deal for any alphabet freaks out there, like I am. LOL. I may be listing some more scrapping goodies soon too, if I find some time to sort through things.

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23 December 2005

Getting my Knitty On!

I completed three more knitting projects today.

First, this is for the twins speech therapist. It's a scarf made with a pink/purple boa yarn and a strand of purple eyelash. Very soft and fuzzy.

This is my very funky hat. I used 2 strands of ribbon tape yarn as the base and interwoven with leftovers from my other completed projects-some of the boa yarn and some Bernat Bling Bling. I also added a row of beads and beaded a few of the tassel strands. Here's another view-reluctantly, Ethan modeled the hat for me.

Shhh...Don't tell him I posted it ;)

Lastly, I found a terrific pattern for a loopy knit scarf on the Provo Craft sight. This was really quick and easy. I used a solid black super chunky yarn along with a charcoal/white angle hair strand. Sorry for the poor photo-dang flash.

Very productive knitting day, I must say. Joann's is having a good yarn sale this weekend-I may stop in and grab up some more super chunky yarn for a few more loopy scarves. Now I'm off for a hot bath with a cup of tea before bed.

19 December 2005

Knitting Update

These were the projects I mentioned earlier. The purple is the scarf for Eddie's preschool teacher and the funky pink knitting in progress is my new winter hat. I have no idea how it will turn out, but it's fun knitting up.

***updated*** Finished my hat, but it's a bit too snug for me. Just as well-the new owner has fallen in love with it.

Where has December Gone?

My goodness, this month is just FLYING by. This past weekend was our third household revisit by the stomach flu, and now all the little ones have a runny nose and a case of the crankies. I'm sure my turn will come shortly, probably on Christmas Eve, when I'm hosting a big family dinner.

Most of the Christmas prep is done-a few gifts left to wrap. I'm waiting on the iPod Shuffles I ordered the first week of December to come. The seller won't ship until my money order clears his bank, but over 10 business days for it to clear? It's getting ridiculous. I'm going to be furious if they don't arrive in time.

I've got one scarf left to knit up for a teacher present and then I'm done. Funky boa yarn was on sale this weekend at Joann's, so I'm combining that with fun fur for a furry scarf-hope the teachers like them. I'll try to post pictures later.

I started working on my first hat last night. I'm using a super chunky thick and thin yarn. Not too sure how it will turn out, but I've been in desperate need of a winter hat for myself.

I hope registration opens soon for Donna Downey's online class. I'm not a patient person and I just want to sign up already.

I hear the twins a stirring in their cribs-off to shower and start a fun-filled day of wiping noses. Fun, fun.

11 December 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog

Hmmmm...I've been pondering this question for the past year or so. I've had some sort of blog for almost four years-Xanga, Typepad, Squarespace-I've been all over. I'm certainly not as ferverent as I once was about blogging. But, after canceling my last Typepad account a week or so ago, I've learned that I miss having a "space" for me online. I like to post photos of the art projects I'm working on. I like to do updates about the kiddos. So, I've created my new little space here. I'm not pressuring myself to post daily-I'll post when I think I have something fun to share or something relevant to say.

So, this will be a mish-mash of things. My latest scrapping pages, my newest knitting projects and the occasional personal story (or RANT!). Just for me. If you read it, I'm happy with that, but if no one visits-I'm fine with that too. Cause for now, it's just all about me ;)